Mail vom 23.01.:

Ave Beach Ultimate Lovers!

important information about Paganello MMIX: Alea Iacta Est!
soundtrack of the message: "Me gusta, me gusta” – Silvestre Dangond

table of contents:
a) glossary
b) basic steps
c) deadlines
d) important details
e) prices, options and Paga-hotels
f) discounts
g) paying for people playing on other teams
h) bank account + fax number
i) Paganello scholarship
j) short reminder

attachment: an excel file (reservations_MMIX.xls) with two sheets: reservations and example.
please fill in the former and send it back to us.

a) glossary

Paga-hotel: can be reserved and paid through us (for the 4 or 5 nights of the tournament, see below)

accommodation option (or simply 'accommodation'): includes everything plus hotel and breakfasts and is named after a given hotel category

no accommodation option: includes everything, but hotel and breakfasts

player's fee: money that each player has to pay according to the chosen accommodation option

4-day package: includes 4 nights (Thu-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon); first game on Friday, last game on Monday

5-day package: includes 5 nights (same as above plus Mon-Tue night and Monday night party)

non-player (guest): does not play and pays a reduced fee (that includes everything, but the gift)

team fee: the money each team has paid to secure its spot

City Of Paga: the place on the Beach where everything will be happening again

b) basic steps
I) every player chooses an option (practically the Paga-hotel) and how many nights he/she wants to stay.

II) fill the excel file attached to the present message and send it back to me

III) pay all the player’s fees by March 25th
[bank account at chapter h)]
please do not use paypal!

IV) email me or fax us the receipt of the payment by March 25th, indicating the team name
[fax number at chapter h)]

the reservations become definitive when we get your receipt: no receipt, no reservation - the payment counts, not the excel sheet - "first come, first served”.

c) deadlines
I) after March 25th
(i.e.: we don't get your receipt by this day):
-any payment penalized at a rate of 10% of each single player's fee.
-a player withdrawing from the tournament receives a refund of 75% of the player's fee paid.
-a player can be replaced by another one without losing any money after communication of the two names.

II) after April 1st (including days of the tournament)
(i.e.: if we don't get your receipt by this day):
-any payment penalized at a rate of 30% of each single player's fee
-a player withdrawing from the tournament receives a refund of 30% of the player's fee paid - in case this player has to drop out because of an injury, she/he receives a refund of 50% of the player's fee paid.
-it is no longer possible to replace a player with another one.

d) important details (roster, number of players, days of playing, timing)
each option includes 5 "food&drink" tickets [total value = 7 Euros] with which you can get food (pasta, rice salads, cakes, etc.) and drinks at the fields.
considering these tickets, the player fee is lower than last year

reservations will be accepted from the contact-person only (thanks again!).

since you can reserve/pay for people who play on different teams [see also chapter g)], please indicate, on the excel sheet, which team each player plays on.
important: before the tournament, every team will have to consign its roster: crossed checks will be carried out to verify that each player on the field is regularly registered
a player who has not paid the fee will be charged the fee +50% and his/her team won’t be invited at next Paganello.

if possible, please pay all at once: easier for both you and us - otherwise, you can make different payments, provided that we get a clear receipt/fax for each single payment.
however the excel file containing all the names and accommodation details must be one and one only! [see also chapter g)]

teams on the field consist of five (5) players; the mixed ratio is 2 men, 2 women and the offence decides whether the 5th player is a man or a woman.
a roster of a minimum of 10 players is recommended: you will play a minimum of ten games (on the sand…).

Beach welcome party: Thursday night (April 9)
first games: Friday morning (April 10) at 9.50, but "only" 30 teams will be playing at that time - so your team might play its first game a couple of hours later.
last games: Monday (April 13),
hence the four nights included in each accommodation option are:

1) Thu (April 9)-Fri
2) Fri-Sat
3) Sat-Sun
4) Sun-Mon (April 13)

the fifth night of the 5-day package is the Mon-Tue night

on Monday, most of the teams will play one final game (some will play two).
1st place finals: at 12.30 (juniors), 13.30 (mixed), 14.40 (women), 15.50 (open)
final ceremony ends at about 18.
so unless you play the 1st place final, your Monday game will start at 12.30 at latest (some games will be played during the juniors final).

e) prices and options
you can choose among 7 accommodation options, which differ only for the Paga-hotel.
each of them includes:
-4 days of Beach Ultimate at the greatest tournament in the world
-4 parties, including the welcome party with free red wine and free spaghetti
-5 “food&drink” tickets (value: about 7 Euros)
-1 Paga-gift per player (last year it was a Paganello hat)
-1 video (DVD) of the tournament per team delivered to your home
-all facilities at the Beach (email, first aid, toilettes, food&drink point, big circus tent, merchandising tent, nursery, stands, event area, scorekeepers)
-daily newsletter + tournament magazine
-shows, concerts and happenings on the Beach
-Freestyle international competition
-attending the world's greatest Beach Ultimate party

the 5-day package also includes a 5th party

the following prices are per person.
they are the player's fees due by March 25th

I) Jammin no wc (195 Euro)
5-day package: 215 Euro

Paga-hotel available (hostel with heating, sheets provided):
Hostel Jammin (shared wc, 2, 4, 6-bed rooms)
Via Derna, 25
Location: 1,2km mts from the City of Paga

II) Filadelfia (200 Euro)
5-day package: 225 Euro

Paga-hotel available (1-star without heating):
Hotel Filadelfia
Viale Pola, 25
Location: 1km. from the City of Paga

III) Jammin wc (205 Euro)
5-day package: 230 Euro

Paga-hotel available (hostel with heating, sheets provided):
Hostel Jammin (private wc, 2, 4, 6-bed rooms)
Via Derna, 25
Location: 1,2km mts from the City of Paga

IV) Comfort (225 Euro)
5-day package: 260 Euro

Paga-hotels available (3-star with heating):
Hotel Cortina
Viale Cormons, 39
Location: 900mts from the City of Paga

Hotel Peonia-
Viale Cormons, 35
Location: 900mts from the City of Paga

V) Super Comfort (245 Euro)
5-day package: 285 Euro

Paga-hotels available (3-star with heating):
Hotel New Primula-
Viale Trento, 12
Location: 900mts from the City of Paga

VI) Ultra (280 Euro)
5-day package: 325 Euro

Paga-hotels available (3-star with heating):
Hotel Parco Fellini-
Viale R. Baldini 2/A
Location: 500mts from the City of Paga

Hotel Villa Lalla-
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 22
Location: 800mts from the City of Paga

Hotel La Coccinella-
Via Mantegazza, 5
Location: 400mts from the City of Paga

VII) Deluxe (305 Euro)
5-day package: 360 Euro

Paga-hotels available (with heating):
Hotel Esedra-(3-star superior)
Viale Caio Duilio, 3
Location: 400mts from the City of Paga

Hotel Bikini- (4-star)
Viale C.Colombo, 4
Location: 300mts from the City of Paga

if you don't have all the players names now, you can reserve/pay for a given number of people now and let us know all the names later

single rooms cost about 20% more and are very few - if you need a single room, please ask us before making the reservation

you can also specify which kind of room you want (double, 3-bed, 4-bed, single).
[you don't need to specify who wants to sleep with whom, but only (optional) the number of double/triple/etc. rooms you need]
as general indication, the more multiple rooms (triples and quadruples) you need, the more are the chances to stay in the requested hotel.
of course, a quadruple room is not as comfortable as a double.
we cannot guarantee these specific requests will be satisfied, but we will do our best!
the sooner you pay, the more are your chances to get exactly what you want.

we do not guarantee we can provide all players with accommodation

the hotels are not like in the USA (example) where you can book a room and squeeze as many people as you want into it: the hotels charge and count the people

hotels falling under the same option are not exactly the same, but the differences are very slight.
all rooms have private bathroom except option I)

you can also choose the no-accommodation option and you will get everything except for hotel and breakfasts: this option is 115 Euro (5-day package: 120 Euro)

f) discounts
*discount for non players (they get everything except for the gift): 60 Euro

*discount for children
0-3 years -> Paganello fee and accommodation totally free
4-11 years -> -115 Euro (not to be added up to the non players discount)

there is no discount for both people arriving late and/or leaving earlier and people not attending the parties (sorry, honestly it is too complicated to handle this issue)

g) paying for people playing on other teams
you can reserve and pay also for people playing on other teams (typical case: for girlfriends,wives, boyfriends, etc.).
it is not important that all the people on a given excel sheet are playing on the same team: just indicate, on the excel sheet, which team each player plays on.
of course each player must appear on an excel sheet and must not appear on two sheets

example: we have 2 teams: kings (boys) and queens (girls).
problem: a gorilla wants to sleep together with a queen; the way to sort it out is: both must sign up and pay with the gorillas or with the queens - the important thing is that we know exactly the total number of people attending Paganello and their names: we don't care if the gorillas register 25 players and the queens 2 only; the total (25 + 2) must be the exact number of players the two teams consist of.

the important practical consequence is that on the Beach, each player will get his/her player's package (tickets, player's card, etc.) with the team through which he/she paid – in the above example: the gorillas will receive 25 packages and the queens 2 only.

h) bank account + fax number
please pay all the bank fees, otherwise you will be asked to pay them on the Beach!

Account's number: 2870892
Name of the bank: UNICREDIT BANCA
Address of the account's owner: Via del Biancospino 8/B, 47900 Rimini, Italy
Address of the bank: PIAZZA TRE MARTIRI 33, 47900 Rimini, Italy

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): IT11W0200824200000002870892

fax number:
(to the attention of: Paganello accommodation)

i) Paganello scholarship
just like last years, when paying the player's fees, you have the chance to contribute to the "Paganello scholarship": a funds raising whose purpose is to collect money from all the players and use it to help to pay for new teams from countries, which have never played or can't afford to play Paganello.
this year the funds will be assigned to the Philippine team.

if you want to contribute now, all you have to do is to add this money to the player's fees and specify the amount on the dedicated box on the excel sheet.

the scholarship will be managed and distributed by a group of people with a commitment to Beach Ultimate and to Paganello:
Chris McTiernan (Huck Finn)
Jens Meyer (SeXXXpensive)
Patrick van der Valk (BULA coordinator)
Jumpi (Paganello organization)

money will be also collected on the Beach

j) short reminder
1) e-mail me the excel file including all your reservations details,
2) transfer all the player fees by March 25th.
3) fax us the receipt of the payment by March 25th.
4) get your feet ready for the sand!

if you need a visa, please let us know immediately
for those looking for players/teams, check the dedicated pages on the web site, under section "Paga09"

thanks for handling the organization of your team,
the greatest tournament in the world is only a few weeks away!

Alea Iacta Est!

Paganello MMIX
Alea Iacta Est!
IX-XIII Aprile
Ariminum, Italia
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