Oktoberfest Tunier in München 2010

wer: Franz


Thursday night we’ll all be at the Oktoberfest (Hofbräu-Tent Box15 - as always). Come and join us if you like!

Friday :Games start at 10.00 (really!!!). After we eat a great dinner and have a party at Roberto Beach Bar – where we can drink more yummy beer.

Saturday will be purely “Fiesta!”: Our Reservation on the HB Tent starts at 16:00 this year. You have the whole morning to stroll around the Oktoberfest– visit some of the other tents and rides.

Sunday Games will start at 10:00. “Weisswurst Breakfast” will be served from 9:00 & the final finishes at 16.30!

Like in 2009 the tournament is now purely on sand. We will not play on grass any more – less luggage for you guys.

www.robertobeach.de (Same location as the last years) The Address is: Am Sportpark 20, 85609 Aschheim (in Munich)

Thursday night and Sunday night: Munich Frisbee players will host you privately

Friday night and Saturday night: We will be able to camp and sleep IN the Beach Gym on Friday and Saturday night.
Food (included):

Friday – Breakfast DE LUXE at Roberto Beach.

Friday night – Big Buffet (definitely guaranteed that no one will go hungry!!)

Saturday – Breakfast at Roberto Beach

Sunday morning - famous Bavarian Breakfast at Roberto Beach which consists of: 2 White Sausages, Sweet Mustard, a nice Soft Pretzel and a Weissbier– this breakfast – is the best and also the best tasting way to get rid of a hangover.
Signing up:

...please go to the "Registration" tab. To sign up - you need to click on "Send bid for this division" and enter your details. Then just send us your player fee (65EUR) and your spot is confirmed!
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