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Fashion code of Female president of the IMF

As the first new female president of the International Monetary Fund, Christina Lagarde, a French woman, swings the financial world that is used to be controlled by man with a refined and talented fashion. Black silk stockings, fur garment, Chanel suit and Hermes bag has become her sign. In the international field of politics whose predominant color is black, white and grey, Lagarde’s bold style of being calm and at ease and not wearing for pleasing others is as eye-catching as her trademark silver hair. The British Daily Telegram writes that she is the Coco Chanel in the financial world, both of them have the same courage, elegance and unmoved. Now let’s learn a lesson from her fashion code.
In the selection of professional garment, Lagerde, who is always being different with others, will not only choose the basic style such as black, white and grey, she also loses her heart to some bold and bright colors. It is easy for her to handle with beige skirt suit and pastel green coat, which indicate her great ability to handle with color. Her mental aura can drown Hermes bags sometimes. Bags which are the tool to show off in the eyes of some people are just a practical professional bag on her hands.
Lagarde likes wearing a scarf in a special way-to put the scarf that is folded in stripe on one side of the shoulder or hang it naturally around the neck. It is her symbol way to put a scarf on. Her method of tie the knot is not complicated and the optional style suits her capable style very much, which may be impressed. Sometimes, she will tie the scarf on the handle of the handbag or on the waist. For Lagarde who always wear pure color suit, the colorful scarf is the best weapon to score more points for her fashion style.
As Lagarde has a tall and slim figure and know exactly how to dress, the war filed of red carpet is another field that she can open in addition to the workplace. She performs well in this battle field. Even though she is not as exaggerated as other stars to heavily make up and wear full-length evening dress, her 1.8- meter-tall and shapely figure make she look sexy in evening dress. What’s more, her best matching is her intimate boyfriend.
Lagarde likes wearing big jewels to enhance her aura, such as golden solid modeling necklace matching a dark blue suit or ivory necklace to set off pale brown suit.
As is known to all, Lagarde is a loyal fan of Chanel. There is one rule in her dressing code, to wear Chanel when she has no idea what to wear. Different kinds of Chanel suits are usual single item in her closet. From such details as matching pink purple coat with skirt, black suit matching with her silver hair or grey coat matching with grey scarf, you can see she is the one who is really controlling the clothes.
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