The modern home consumes about 2000 gallons of water every week. The owner who is considerate of the water bill and the environment, it is imperative that the water usage is under control. The cornerstone of the plumbing system in any home is the pipes and the faucets that carry the cold and hot water. If a leak is found in one of the faucets, it can results in a lot of water getting wasted 24 hours of the day. If you have a faucet that you keep meaning to fix, now is the time to do so.

The faucet that is leaking 1 water drop every second can waste an average of 2000 gallons of water every year. Which is an incredible amount of not only water, but also bills that is going down the drain – literally. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many homeowners ignore, even by owners who yell at their children for leaving the lights on in their rooms or leave the television on all day. A quick look at your water bill would reveal that the damage to the environmental resources and to the pocketbook is much greater from a leaking faucet than from an average lightbulb.

There are many styles of faucets nowadays, and their inner workings can be very different and this means that they could be leaking for different reasons. Water faucets are compression based or washer-less. The washer is there to create a seal to prevent the water from leaking. When the washer is worn or its condition deteriorates the seal can be break down. This allows the water to leak out even when the faucet is turned off, thus causing a plumbing problem that must be fixed. Washer-less faucets conversely have a different design, they use interior walls that close together to prevent water from escaping. This type of faucet can be tricky to repair and may require a professional.

If you house has a faucet with a washer the first step is to close the main external water valve, then proceed to take the faucet apart until you reach the interior washer. Take out the washer and exchange with another that is identical in size. Put together the faucet and test to ensure there are not leaks.

For a lot of Toronto residents, using a plumber is a convenient phone call away, and most plumbers is able to repair the pipe leak in your home fast therefore saving the homeowner money. Some of the plumbers Toronto companies offer service 24 hours per day, every day of the week, so even if you are very busy it is easier than ever to get the assistance of professional plumbers to fix all the home’s faucet leakage problems.

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